Pillar of the Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Community Magazine

Cool School – By H.O.T., Pillar of the Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Community

Feeling behind the times? Limp? Lifeless” Out of touch? How about a semester at Playscool, Salt Lake’s newest progressive performance & visual arts school/club.

To start the ball rolling and fund the project, Playscool will be hosting “open house” and social evengts each weekend ot bring people together at the space and vie them an evening of art and entertainment. Playscool has enlisted some of Salt Lakes most happening D.J’s. (Mechanized Dazy) to energize their weekend funk-shunz, and has already brought us the indescribable primal infidels Crash Worship. A friend exclaimed after the Oct 15th opening event, (spun by the Invincible! D.J. Mechanized). “Salt Lake isn’t behind the times anymore. We don’t have to look to L.A. or S.F. for what’s up. It’s here!”

Playscool is a place where all people, regardless of labels, can come together expand their boundaries, learn, enjoy life and each other. Of special interest to Queers will be the Saturday Channel 69 nights with Groovette D.J. Dazy.

Playscool is definitely a place cool and Girl it looks like you got a year of homework to catch up on. (snap)