Warrior Woman: DJ Dazy
Profiled by Margie Girl

Sure, we’ve all heard Girl Power and all the other cliche phrases for girls to slogan their lives around… and although, it’s nice that ‘Girl Power’ has finally won recognition in the eyes of the pop culture media- blitzed, there are still battles to be waged. At the forefront of the New Girl Order are the Warrior Women! Women making their voice and talents heard, by their own will and strength; giving honesty and a freedom to a movement drowned out in academia and marketing ploys celebrating the wisdom and power of estrogen!Warrior Women are beyond defining roles in society and truly have something to say about creating equal ism! Meet these Women Warriors and learn about their rise to empowerment, past the status quo and how they brought about an original, more authentic outlook to the meaning of Girl Power — and learn some of their beauty tips!

Spinning on the onez and twoz, this chicks not only making quite a name for herself in the biz,she’s also supporting other fellow female DJ’s in the process –Meet DJ Dazy…

MG: So how did you snag this gig?

DJ: I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old. I was going to clubs since I was 12. I’ve always watched what the DJ was doing and wanted to do it myself. I love music and I love being able to make people dance. When I was 19 I mail ordered Technic 1200s in the mail and taught myself to DJ. I was lucky to get into the scene before anyone else knew what it was about, so I was able to play almost every party.

MG: If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

DJ: Geez… that’s a hard question! I think I would have liked to meet Princess Diana. I really respected all she had done and thought she was an amazing woman. I’m really sad that her life ended so tragically.

MG: What’s your style?

DJ: Since I moved to LA, I’ve been lucky to be around all these great fashion people. My best friend is the representative for Dollhouse, Fine, and Suburban clothes. I’m also sponsored by ESDJCO out of Santa Cruz. I prefer long skirts and comfortable sneakers. Music, I’m open to it all. You can usually find me listening to house during the evening or in my car, but I really love hip hop, R&B, and of course, Lauryn Hill.

MG: Who inspires you to start spinning on the onez and twoz?

DJ: Let’s see, the first time I heard house music was in San Diego in 1992. My good friend Mark E. Quark was on the decks and he completely made me lose my head in his music! He inspired me a lot. I think I even cried once listening to him because he was so inspiring. Recently though, I’d have to say, Derrick Carter is my favorite DJ.He really knows how to play records!

MG: Taco Bell or McDonalds?

DJ: McDonalds

MG: What is the most appealing/appalling quality of being a DJ?

DJ: The most appealing is being able to travel and meet great people all over the country and make them dance!The most appalling is having to be competitive; I don’t like that.

MG: Advice for aspiring femme DJ’s?

DJ: Just go out and get yourself some turn tables and teach yourself. My mailing list is great for women who are just starting out, to those who have done it for a longtime. It’s great to have a support group. Someday there will be twice as many DJ’s as men.