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DJ Dazy
Profiled by Tamara Palmer

DJ Dazy has nearly eight years of experience behind the decks, from her self-taught days back in Salt Lake City, Utah and subsequent years in Portland, Oregon (and later in San Jose, California) to her present home in Los Angeles, where she is a resident at Motion. Last year saw Dazy playing a busy schedule of gigs that took her through out California, the Pacific Northwest and Canada. She also ventured to cities like Las Vegas and Denver, where she’s a favorite. Dazy is also the founder of an internet mailing list/community called “SISTERDJS”. Which boast more than 175 members and is a wonderful source of advice and resource-sharing for new and experienced selectors alike. Information on the mailing list and much more in the world of Dazy (including live recordings) may be found at http://www.djdazy.com


Seasons Recordings (aka Earthtones Recordings) / 2nd shift featuring DJ Heather

JT Donaldson and Tim Shumaker deliver another amazing deep house track.Something Else on Side one is Definitely my favorite, with a hypnotic bass line and smooth melody that make your eyes close and ask for more…Did you say you want some more? Well that’s exactly what DJ Heather says through out this track. This is defiantly one to keep in your record box for those early morning sets.Highly Recommended.

Dufflebag Records / Natural Rhythms

Natural Rhythms are ranked in my top 5 producers. This dynamic duo based out of Los Angeles not only know how to put tracks down but also play out live. Both tracks on this Record are great. My favorite “Fall” has a funky deep disco groove that will keep your head shacking and booty moving. Don’t be fooled when your listening to this on those crappy headphones at your local record store. When you play this on a loud system, you will feel the sub base rock your body. Don’t forget to pick up anything that these guys put out, I play all of their records.

Seasons Recordings (aka Earthtones Recordings)/ Chris PennyPirates Life EP

Do you like warm sounding bass that makes you feel like your floating through the air? Well, Chris Penny does it again on this brilliant 4 track EP. Pirates Life on side A delivers a nice tracky beat and solid bassline that will keep the dance floor hypnotized. Liquid Steps on side 2 is exactly what you will feel like when your dancing to this. Nice use of thepiano samples make this a gem you shouldn’t pass up.

Large Records / Miguel Migs & DJ Rasoul True Formula

This record has been out a while, but I couldn’t resist to review this secret weapon. Miguel Migs and Rasoul have a special way of making tracks together. Both brilliant apart but absolutely amazing together. Side one “Takin’ U Over” has a funky baseline and a nice filtered wa wa guitar sample. “Driftin” makes good use of a very lovely horn sample and a super funky sub base, of course I am a big sucker for a good horn sample. This has been in my box since I received it, I suggest if you love deep house to go find this record, you won’t be disappointed.

Transport Recordings / The Night Affair EPSan Francisco based Miguel Migs has never let me down. His use of funky baselines and deep heavy disco riffs make me want to dance all night. He has been one of my favorite producers this year. Side One’s “Luv Sounds” has stompy beat and funky baseline. “Those Nights” delivers a a littler darker side of Migs, this track will make your floor hypnotized with its super funky baseline and guitar sample. I play both sides, and from what I hear out everywhere, so does everyone else. This is the 5th release on this label. I have picked up everyone one and any record that Miguel makes. Brilliant.

Live and Direct / Worship Recordings

I was recently playing a gig in NYC when I was handed this lovely deep house record. Go directly to side B and proceed to play this in an early morning set. Pete Moss’s mix has a heavy melodic bass line and a nice clean 4/4 beat. He is well known for his minimal and clean sounding tracks. Though he lives on the East Coast, his music has a very west coast sound. You can never go wrong with any of his tracks.