Willamette Week

Portland’s Best DJ!

(as selected by Willamette Week newspaper 7/17/96)


Ask DJ Dazy why it is that men rule the dance floors as spin kings and she gives the common-sense answer: “Guys buy a lot of electronic equipment, they like to brag about it.” Dazy, who’s known for spinning her sassy happy house samples at places such as La Luna, Saucebox and the out-of-town raves she’s regularly flown to, doesn’t have to brag about her stuff. After moving to Portland from Salt Lake City, Dazy quickly made a name for herself as a first-class spinner. The 23-year-old has become so successful that she’s quit her day job. How did she get so far so fast? She attributes her success to something besides her technical wizardry and fat stack of LP’s: “I’m very persistent.”