XLR8R Mix Tape Reviews

Flower Power 2 – Reviewed by Andrew Rawnsley


Dazy’s new tape clearly shows her progression from “just another progressive DJ” to someone who understands the power of really expressive house music. Her mixing is superb, smooth and responsive, and her record selection is different and sensitive. One of Dazy’s main talents is her ability to read and respond to a crowd, which obviously is not something one can tell from a tape alone, so you’d better get your sorry ass out to hear her next time she’s in town.

Recommended for modern house heads.


Full Bloom – Reviewed by Mathew Bernsen


Yes kids, this Portland DJ steps up with a fine disco house tape that will melt your ears. Dazy’s style continues to push the edge of the ever so vast realm of house music. With chunky fat basslines, skippety hi-hats, and a pulsating keyboard riffs this tape is perhaps her best so far. Nice groovy discoey house blended together to create what I would call a good fat helping of house music pie. Ninety minutes of pur bliss that definitely should make any big time DJ watch out, because this girl in Portland is coming on strong!